About Us

At Powder N Pose we strive to inspire through global influences, daring new trends and bold style hacks. Powder N Pose administers an expertise shopping experience and niche styles in beauty, fashion and lifestyle to punctuate and share knowledge to lovers of all trades to be able to produce their own style guides.

 Our first launch began in 2016, selling savvy and trendy new accessories to the everyday daring fashionista and now providing daring clothing pieces. We aim to help you find your inner diva who is not afraid to take risks and turn their closet into the ultimate slayyyy! Whatever you need we got you for we want to be your go to shopping experts for any experience or event.

Get ready because Powder N Pose is about to take you for the spin of your life. We plan to create a one stop shop experience for the working 9 to 5 diva, to the excelling fashion student, to the everyday adventurous glam gal, to the simple yet sleek mamacita. Trust us when we say a "Siddity Slayer"turn glam into everyday life.